MotionMaker™ treatment

It is scientifically proved that the most efficient recovery process is achieved when a combination of different training methods is applied to the patient. Muscle activity and task repetition are known to be essential in the recovery process of voluntary mobility.

What is special in MotionMakerTM treatment?

Traditional therapeutic treatment, combined with a controlled functional electrical stimulation (FES), helps the therapist and the patient to reach greater results.

MotionMakerTM treatment includes the three main elements:

  1. Use of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES), offering all the benefits associated with electro-muscular stimulation;
  2. Combination of FES with a patient specific and controlled leg exercise and training movement;
  3. Both these independent therapies are synchronised, measured and controlled during the whole process.

It makes for a truly interactive patient training regime, which is managed by a proprietary ‘Closed-Loop’ system of control (CLEMSTM).



CLEMS Treatment