Functional Electrical Stimulation is an integral part of the MotionMaker™ treatment and training regime. The use of FES to treat stroke patients is now widely accepted in clinical practise and its use is gaining pace in other clinical treatment areas.

With the MotionMaker™ device, FES is used to stimulate the individual muscles of the lower limb. This is done in a particular sequence that is synchronised with the specific controlled movement of the leg.

In the absence of any voluntary muscle control, FES is used to activate or provoke the muscles throughout the training motion.

In the presence of voluntary muscle control, FES levels are reduced and used as an adjunct to provide assistance.

Likewise, as muscles tire or voluntary control decreases, neuromuscular stimulation is intensified to maintain and achieve a high level of effort throughout the exercise.

 Closed Loop Electrical Stimulation (CLEMS™)

MotionMaker™ device provide constant feedback to maintain the pre-programmed and controlled movement. All of which is performed in ‘real-time’.

This Closed-Loop technology ensures that muscle stimulation and movements are both performed in a repetitive way in order to resemble as close as possible to the kinematics and dynamics of a natural motor action and so stimulate the process for recovery of voluntary mobility.

The CLEMS™ system consists of:

  1. two motorized orthoses,
  2. system of neuromuscular electrical stimulation,
  3. central control unit which regulates and co-ordinates the electrical stimulation and the motors of the orthoses.

The central control unit plays the role of the “brain”. The result is an interactive and customized training programme, tailored to the specific individual needs of each patient.