Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation is all about maintaining and improving the health and quality of life of individuals. As such, it can take the shape and form of many different and highly specialised techniques.

The treatment of Spinal Cord Injury is a multidiscipline approach and much is expected of the current scientific research programmes in terms of preventing and even reversing the damage caused.

Controlled movement

The use of robotic orthoses such as MotionMaker™ offer an immediate benefit through controlled, consistent and repeatable movements without placing physical demand on the therapist, but requiring its experience and know-how. The training regimes with MotionMaker™ can also be easily personalised, to provide a unique mix suitable for each individual patient needs. The result is a high level training intensity and the potential for faster progress.

Real-time visual feedback of performance measurerements and the level of voluntary muscle control are an added motivational factor for the patient as well as invaluable information for the therapist to monitor and assess the progress.




MotionMaker patient with therapist