WalkTrainer™ is a revolutionary mobile device allowing upright posture and training with physiological locomotion for paralysed patients, by closely mimicking natural, voluntary, over-ground walking. This will not only stimulate the re-learning of the functional motor pattern of over-ground walking in an optimal manner, but will also increase patient’s motivation, which constitutes a crucial element in the subject's re-education.

The WalkTrainer™ device is composed of a walking frame, pelvic orthosis, a body weight support, two leg orthoses and a real-time controlled electro-stimulation. The device actively assists patients in their movements by correcting their manner of moving and by controlling their equilibrium.


WalkTrainer™ therapy training provides:

  • Reproduction of natural movements of over-ground walking
  • Control of the physiological movements of the legs, pelvis and six articulations
  • Support of the bodyweight with an active adjustable system as well as patient's balance
  • Electro-stomulated and controlled muscle contractions, necessary for the correct lower limb movements
  • Patient's walking information for diagnostics and medical follow-up.