Other Products


ModuTableTM has been developed especially for the MotionMaker™. It is designed to assist with patient transfer and to allow uninterrupted use of the MotionMaker™. The ModuTable™ includes a detachable section which is the standard MotionMaker™ seat.



StimMakerTM is a stand-alone FES rehabilitation device and can be used with MotionMakerTM for warm-up and warm-down purposes. It is a high performance neuromuscular electro stimulator with 14 to 20 independent channels.



PrescriNetTM has been developed for the patient information management, prescription, statistics, etc. This software assists physician and therapist in MotionMakerTM treatment.



EMG Interface is an extention which makes the interface between EMG Noraxxon and the MotionMakerTM. The system delivers all the MotionMakerTM signals (for example strenght, angles, etc.)







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