MotionMaker™ is a stationary robotic system for the active mobilisation of the lower limbs. With its proprietary 'Closed-Loop' technology, it is a novel and exciting development that offers a truly interactive patient training system.

Following the success of earlier scientific research at EPFL, carried out between 2000 and 2006, the first MotionMaker™ device was introduced for clinical use in Switzerland in 2008. MotionMaker™ is the first of its kind combination therapy that uses a system of variable Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) with controlled exercise routines.

Preliminary clinical results for MotionMaker™ are very encouraging and have demonstrated significant improvements in voluntary muscle control for SCI patients.

MotionMaker™ therapy training provides:

Repetitive, controlled movement & exercise

Interactive and Variable FES

Continuous feedback on patient's voluntary muscle control

Synchronised FES and exercise sequence based upon pre-determined algorithms.

During exercise training, the patient is involved in both interactive and passive participation with or without the CLEMS™ technology. Each combination will give rise to a different effect:

Retrain Movement | Rediscover Control | Regain Strength




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