MotionMakerTM is a medical device intended for handicapped and hemiplegic patients so that maximum mobility and autonomy are recovered. It is a stationary device, a robotic system with electro-stimulation for an active mobilisation of the lower limbs.

Its main functions are investigation, diagnostics, training and rehabilitation of musculare strength and endurance, as well as articular mobility and movement coordination.

MotionMaker, ModuTable with therapist

At the end of 2011, Swortec successfully launched the australian online pokies new high-end device WalkTrainerTM. WalkTrainer™ is a unique mobile robotic device with electro-stimulation, allowing upright posture and training with true locomotion for paralysed patients, by closely mimicking natural, voluntary, over-ground walking.

Swortec rehabilitation concept guides the patients from the muscle and joint rehabilitation and strengthening on the stationary MotionMaker™ system to the relearning of walking movements on the WalkTrainer™.




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