Product Flyers:

  1. Treatment with MotionMakerTM - EN, size A3
  2. Treatment with MotionMakerTM - EN, size A4
  3. MotionMaker Performance and Benefits - EN, size A4
  4. Traitement avec le MotionMakerTM - FR, size A3
  5. MotionMaker: Performance et Avantages - FR, size A4


  1. Poster CHUV Open Doors 2012 - size A2
  2. Poster Swortec Products - size A0

Scientific Articles, Clinical Evidence (support):

  1. A Study of a Knee Extension Controlled by a Closed Loop Functional Electrical Stimulation
  2. The MotionMaker™: a rehabilitation system combining an orthosis with Closed-Loop Electrical Muscle Stimulation
  3. Closed loop electrical muscle stimulation in spinal cord injured rehabilitation
  4. Improvement of rehabilitation possibilities with the MotionMaker™
  5. Cyberthosis™: Rehabilitation Robotics With Controlled Electrical Muscle Stimulation


  1. SWISS TS / TÜV : CE Certificate: Product list

Press Releases:

  1. MotionMaker training session, showed on the main Russian News, "Vesti", Russia 1, 2013


  1. IISART - International Industry Society in Advanced Rehabilitation Technology


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